10 Chinese motorcycles: cheap and cheerful

Lifan (Chongqing). One of the largest Chinese manufacturers of cars, trucks, motorcycles. The company was founded in 1992, since 2005 it has been engaged in auto and motor equipment. The strategic partner of Lifan is the world-famous motorcycle brand MV Augusta, their experts monitor quality and help in development. The picture shows the handsome Lifan LF200-10P.

Loncin (Chongqing). Founded in 1982, the company in 2005 signed a cooperation agreement with BMW and began production of motorcycles. It is interesting that Loncin has many licensed “children, ” for example, Mexican Italika, Ukrainian Viper, Argentinean Zanella, as well as ... some models of the Belarusian M1NSK. Pictured is the Loncin CR9 LX650.

Zongshen (Chongqing). In general, as you can see, Chongqing is the center of the Chinese motorcycle industry. Zongshen company was founded in 1992, produces motorcycles, ATVs and power units. Pictured is Zongshen ZS250GS.

Sinnis (Jinan). This is the European-read Jinan Qingqi motobrand. The company is one of the oldest Chinese motorcycle manufacturers; it has been building mopeds since 1956. Pictured is the Sinnis Retrostar 125cc retro model.

Baotian (Jiangmen). Existing since 1994, a manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles. Oddly enough, the lion's share of Baotian is exported to ... Finland - tuned “Chinese” are very popular there. Pictured is Baotian BT100−2 (EEC).

Yinxiang (Chongqing). Founded in 1997, a car and motorcycle manufacturer. Pictured is the Yinxiang YX100-K5.

Sukida (Guangzhou). The company was founded in 2000, produces a variety of motorcycles. The picture shows the road model Sukida SK150−4B.

Jialing (Chongqing). The oldest motorcycle factory in China. It was founded in 1875 as a manufacturer of weapons, and has been building civil motorcycles since 1975. Pictured is Jialing Street JH150-6A.

Dayun (Guangzhou). A medium-sized motorcycle plant, offering about 40 models and modifications of motorcycles and scooters. The picture shows an ordinary Dayun DY125−36A model.

Fekon (Guangzhou). Founded in 2002, the company today has grown to 1000 workers and products of any motorcycle sector. Pictured is the Fekon FK150-NB. By the way, it’s funny, but the main sales channel of Fekon, like a number of other small companies.

Chinese motorcycles sometimes look pretty good, but motorists on the forums complain with might and main. Still, "Chinese" is far from a synonym for "quality." But prices do not bite!


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