10 Canadian cars: yes, cars are also made in Canada

However, there really were very few of them, and basically they obeyed the captive import strategy. This is a situation when a major automaker creates a subsidiary abroad, under the brand of which it manufactures its products, but at the same time the company and the name under which the products are sold are local. About how Renault, having developed the Logan model, produces it in different countries and sells under local brands.

Well, let's see what they are doing in Canada!

Asüna. The brand existed from 1993 to 1994. It was an attempt by General Motors to produce Geo cars in Canada (as well as a number of Japanese brands owned by GM) under the local brand. In exactly the same way, Passport, which manufactured Daewoo, existed before. The picture shows Asüna Sunrunner, aka Suzuki Escudo.

Acadian. Created specifically for Canada, the General Motors division, which existed from 1962 to 1971. Although Chevrolet bases were used for the Akadians, all models were purely Canadian and did not duplicate the American "brothers." Not pictured - 1966 Acadian Canso SD Sport Deluxe.

Bricklin Purely Canadian brand, no GM. It existed in 1974-1975, was created by the millionaire Malcolm Bricklin for the production of sports cars and implemented the only Bricklin SV-1 model (pictured). After the company was busted, the last few cars from the surviving components were assembled in Ohio, USA.

Knight. Perhaps the most famous Canadian brand (only no one knows that it is Canadian). Since 2008, Conquest Vehicles has been producing ultra-expensive luxury armored SUVs of manual assembly, the most famous model (pictured) is Knight XV.

Gray-Dort. One of Canada's earliest attempts to set up its own auto industry. The company existed in Chetem (Ontario) from 1915 to 1925 and managed to produce about 26, 000 cars. The story began with the crew manufacturer William Gray bought a license for the assembly of American Dort cars, and then switched to his own models.

Htt. A brand of Canadian supercars, since 2010 has been producing the only HTT Pl? thore.

Manic. The company existed in the years 1969-1971 in Terrebonne (Quebec) and produced the only model Manic GT. Along with Bricklin, Russell, HTT and Knight is considered a rare all-canadian automobile.

Russell. The first Canadian automaker, based in Toronto, and made cars from 1904 to 1916. Created by Tommy Russell - a man obsessed with the idea of ​​building a real Canadian car. Pictured is the Russell Model 14−28 (1910).

McLaughlin. The company, which built the crew since 1876, switched to automobile production in 1907. In 1915, the brand acquired GM and renamed it McLaughlin-Buick, and by 1930 production was curtailed. Pictured is the McLaughlin-Buick Royal Tour (1928).

Brooks. One of the most unusual car companies in Canada. From 1923 to 1936, it produced steam (!) Cars, buses and trucks, directly competing with the famous Stanley Steamers.


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