The 10 best smartphones of 2017: iPhone or Samsung?

2017 has become a landmark year for smartphone fans. The largest manufacturers of mobile devices have launched new products on the market, creating an unprecedented variety for all price categories. The TechRadar portal compared the models and ranked the best smartphones, evaluating all the parameters - from price-quality ratio to technical characteristics and design:

10th place: OnePlus 5T

Face recognition technology, 6-inch 18: 9 display, dual camera - and all this at a price that compares favorably with the “titans” of the industry, such as Apple and Samsung. To allow a relatively low cost, I had to abandon popular add-ons: the model lacks stereo speakers and a QHD display, but for most users it still remains highly functional and, importantly, an affordable Android smartphone.

9th place: iPhone 8 Plus

Yes, Apple’s flagship smartphone this time took the penultimate place in the ranking. "Apple" gadgets are not the first time to be criticized by TechRadar, and the reason for this is an unreasonably high price. Be that as it may, even in comparison with its "older brother" iPhone X, the eighth model is still an excellent gadget for all occasions (provided that you can afford it). Wireless charging technology and display upgrade did not become an innovation, but made the use of this phone much more comfortable.

8th place: LG G6

Among other new products in 2017, the G6, it would seem, is far from the most outstanding smartphone. Be that as it may, since its inception, the price of the gadget has fallen dramatically, and therefore the phone itself has become much more affordable. A 5.7-inch QHD display, 4 GB of RAM and two cameras, one of which is equipped with a wide-angle lens, is a real luxury for those who like to take not only selfies, but also atmospheric landscapes.

7th place: LG V30

The V30 is an improved version of the G6. The most powerful processor in the entire line, an excellent camera and Quad DAC technology, which will provide excellent sound and will appeal to all music lovers.

6th place: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy smartphones do not need additional advertising and have long established themselves in the market. TechRadar notes that it is much better than the iPhone X: for relatively less money, you still get a phone with one of the best displays today, a powerful camera and a full range of functionality for every day.

5th place: Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Among its competitors, the Mate 10 Pro is a real champion in terms of battery life. If you are one of those who do not like to recharge your phone every half hour and do not carry a portable battery with you, then this is your choice. In standalone mode, the phone can live two days on a single charge, with a short break at night. Another feature of the smartphone that deserves attention, no doubt, is the point-and-shoot technology, which, coupled with a wide opportunity for customizing the camera, allows the user to take great pictures.

4th place: iPhone X

And again, Apple products did not even get into the top three finalists - of course, because of its price. It is worth noting, however, that the Model X is, without exaggeration, a real diamond among all Apple gadgets. Its appearance on the market caused heated debate: some brand the smartphone as an “expensive toy”, others admire the design and power of the gadget. An excellent screen, a powerful rear camera - all that is needed for comfortable work and just a pleasant pastime.

3rd place: Google Pixel 2

A compact 5-inch smartphone fits easily in your hand and at first glance it can’t compete with its more advertised brothers. However, an impressive 12-megapixel camera, which boasts an excellent portrait mode, the Snapdragon 835 chipset and 4 GB of RAM in a waterproof case make it one of the best phones if you put the functionality above the brand.

2nd place: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

An almost flawless model, distinguished by the Infinity display - it fully lives up to its name and provides the most useful screen area. The only reason this model is not in the first place is ...

1st place: Samsung Galaxy S8

Oddly enough, the first place in today's rating is not at all a premium model. An excellent camera, the already mentioned Infinity technology - all this makes the phone good, but not the best. The phone is really gaining popularity only now, by the end of the year, when the hype around it has subsided and the price has started to drop rapidly. This is what made it possible to reduce the price-quality-functional triangle to the most optimal position: without a doubt, the Galaxy S8 is the best Android smartphone to date.


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