10 best real-life movies

Crime films have always been popular, and the world willingly provides real materials for new scenarios. It’s hard to compose stories on which classic films like Martin Scorsese’s “Good Men” are based, so what’s happening in these films is not a figment of the imagination of the directors. And the upcoming weekend is the best time to plunge into the world of fictional stories.

1. “Nice guys”

If this is not Martin Scorsese’s best film (and it could have been), then at least one of the best: here are temporary leaps, and Henry Hill’s bloated ego (played by Ray Liott), and the life of the mafia. No one else could make a similar picture, and every gangster film will always be compared with this legendary film.

2. “Sentenced to death escaped”

The classic work of Robert Bresson talks about a criminal who escaped from prison in Nazi-occupied France. The plot is based on the memoirs of a soldier Andre Devigny. Like other works of Bresson, this film is so verified that it seems documentary.

3. "Munich"

This is not Steven Spielberg’s most famous three-hour film. At the center of history is the revenge of Israeli spies by Palestinian terrorists who launched an attack at the 1972 Olympics, which killed 11 members of the Israeli team. In "Munich" there is both meaning and an attempt to answer important questions - there is a place for humanism.

4. “In the spotlight”

The film tells about the investigation of the Boston Globe journalists about sexual harassment in the Catholic Church, which led to the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Lowe. The film received an Oscar in the nominations "Best Film" and "Best Screenplay."

5. “John F. Kennedy. Shots in Dallas »

The investigation of the Kennedy assassination is considered to be officially completed, but this historical drama by Oliver Stone presents the conspiracy theory so much that after watching you remain absolutely certain that everything was not so simple.

6. "Dog noon"

The plot of the film is based on an article by Life magazine dated August 22, 1972. It was called "Boys in the Bank" and talked about the robbery of the Brooklyn Bank, Salvatore Natural and John Woitowitz. The latter was played by the unrivaled Al Pacino.

7. The Sadist

"Sadist" is a twisted and tough story about two schoolchildren from South Florida, where one kills the other, unable to withstand bullying. The script of the film is based on Jim Schatz’s book “The Sadist: The True Story of Vengeance in High School, ” and Brad Renfro masterfully embodied his hero.

8. “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Martin Scorsese, along with screenwriter Terence Winter, he embodied on the screen the most sensational passages from the memoirs of broker Jordan Belfort, who was convicted of manipulating the securities market and organizing the trading of cheap stocks. Perhaps the director’s most reckless film proves that crimes can be told and fun, but do not forget to show the world of people mired in luxury and debauchery and considering other people's money as their own.

9. The Zodiac

"Zodiac" tells of a crazy killer named Zodiac, who kept the residents of San Francisco in awe for 25 years. The painstakingly studied history of the investigation of the case in the impeccable direction of Fincher becomes something more sinister than just a series of murders.

10. “Catch Me If You Can”

This is not the best Steven Spielberg film, but definitely one of the most fascinating. The tape follows the trail of Frank Abignail, an expert in the field of documentary security, who hit the whole world with his daring scams in the 1960s. In the performance of Leonardo DiCaprio, the hero came out incredibly charming, and the actor himself was nominated for a Golden Globe.

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