10 amazing types of mantis

Deroplatys desiccata is beautifully disguised as fallen leaves, hence its name comes from - "the great mantis of withered leaves." It lives in the tropics of Malaysia.

Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii. This spiky pink mantis usually awaits its prey, merging with pink flowers. At the same time, bright coloring serves as a warning for birds who want to feast on their own.

Heterochaeta Orientalis, African Mantis-Spiked-Eye. With its body color and shape, it resembles a branch of a shrub in which it lives and hunts. Unusual faceted eyes equipped with "spikes" allow him to see prey even behind him.

Blepharopsis mendica, thistle mantis. Calm and non-aggressive, these praying mantises rarely come into battle with someone larger than them in size. Just trying to scare the enemy, they take a threatening pose, spreading their wings and showing bright sections of the body.

Rhombodera basalis, Malaysian shield mantis. Another resident of the rainforest who prefers a humid and warm environment. Popular enough as a pet.

Idolomantis diabolica, which received the unusual name "bloody flower." A large mantis pretending to be flowers and leaves - both fresh and wilted. Depending on the environment, its color and shape change slightly.

Miomantis caffra, inhabitants of South Africa. Since 1978, they were brought to New Zealand by a boy from Auckland. The colony survived and insects spread throughout the north of the country.

Choeradodis rhombicollis, Perunian shield mantis. Like other representatives of its subfamily, it perfectly disguises itself as green foliage.

Pogonogaster tristani is a rare species of mantis, usually not shown to the eyes of humans. Their body is covered with hairs and thorns resembling moss to merge with him, sitting in ambush.

Hymenopus coronatus, orchid mantis. It has a marvelous mother-of-pearl color, disguising it as a habitat - orchid flowers. Males of this species are almost half the size of females.

Introducing ten absolutely stunning mantis species. Some acquired this appearance for the sake of camouflage, others to attract the opposite sex, others to scare away enemies. An extra reason to make sure that nature is the greatest artist.


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