10 real american trucks

Kenworth (Kirkland, Washington, 1923- ...). One of the most famous brands of trucks, now owned by the Paccar concern. The company itself appeared in 1912, but at first it was not involved in production, but was only a dealer in sales of automotive equipment. It was called Gerlinger Motor Car Works, and in 1915 released its first own truck under the brand name Gersix

Honda Ruckus LV Project: amazing custom scooter

Honda Ruckus is one of the most popular scooters in the world. There are even fan clubs for this particular model. And the guys from Ruckster are so crazy about Ruckus that they named their club in honor of Honda and are engaged in amazing customization. Custom LV Project was created by order of the famous brand Louis Vuitton (in fact, as the name implies)

Just click a button: a story of simple things

At the beginning of the 19th century, the successes of science led to the invention of photography, which made possible the long-held dream of humanity: to capture forever the important moments of history. But mass photography became thanks to businessman and inventor George Eastman. George Eastman was born in 1854 in a village in upstate New York, and at the age of five moved with his parents to Rochester

How to make a spring crossbow with your own hands

The crossbow is good in that it surpasses the usual bow in firing accuracy and lethal force. The video demonstrates how to make a crossbow from simple materials. It will take a piece of pine wood, a pair of metal corners, springs, several rollers and simple tools.

The best series of "The Big Bang Theories" - summarize

In the evening of March 1, “TBV” will be shown in Moscow at the Luxor Center cinemas in the Golden Babylon and Hudson shopping centers on Kashirskoye Shosse, in St. Petersburg in the cinema complex of the network in the Continent shopping center, and in Novosibirsk in the multiplex in SEC "Gallery Novosibirsk". Th

Where to read Popular Mechanics

1. You can subscribe to a classic paper magazine, it can be freely purchased at kiosks and shops throughout Russia and in most countries of the near abroad. This is ideal for lovers of warm tube Popular Mechanics and those who want to collect a collection. In the magazine you will find interesting articles on various topics, master classes and scientific and technical news

Which smartphone is the best?

On Monday, March 25, the vote ended. Results: Model Number of votes Xiaomi Mi 9 116 Samsung Galaxy S10 + 107 Apple iPhone XS 77 Huawei Mate 20 Pro 57 Nokia 3310 56 OnePlus 6T 46 Honor View 20 35 Google Pixel 3 XL 31 Sony Xperia 10 Plus 25 Vivo V15Pro 21

WhatsApp launches version of messenger for Google Chrome

To authorize users in the web version, a system of QR codes is used. To enter the messenger under your account, which in the mobile version is tied to a phone number, you need to read the QR code from the computer screen using your smartphone with an updated version of WhatsApp. After that, both versions, mobile and computer, are connected

Lips - Into the Blood: Herpes Vaccine

Herpes virus under the microscope Structural model of the viral envelope Mouse experiments have shown that the introduction of a vaccine developed by Halford containing live particles of genetically modified herpes simplex virus ( Herpes simplex ) type I (HSV-1) prevents the development of the disease when the animals are given a dose of a deadly natural strain of the virus

Patent of the week: fusion electricity

With the direct participation of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (“Rospatent”), we decided to introduce the section “Patent of the Week” on the website. Dozens of interesting inventions and improvements are patented weekly in Russia - why not talk about them among the first. Patent: 2699243 Authors: Alexander Varava, Alexei Dedov, Alexander Zakharenkov, Alexander Komov, Vladimir Loktionov, Victor Myasnikov, Julia Smorchkova, Petr Frick Patentee: National Research University MPEI One of the key stages of thermonuclear fusion is the formation of the so-called plasma cord - a plasma