10 Swiss cars: accurate as a watch

Today in Switzerland there are several well-known brands - this is a large military manufacturer of MOWAG plus several other companies that manufacture luxury supercars in small series. In the past, Switzerland also made quite massive cars in quantity. Rinspeed is a legendary company founded in 1979 by Frank Rinderknecht

Boxer on the Highway: Boxer Combustion Engine

Last summer, the Subaru brand invited Moscow journalists to “walk” the 2011 Forester, not just anywhere, but in Belarus. There at our disposal was a fabulously smooth and surprisingly empty Minsk-Brest autobahn, village primers and forest wilds of Belovezhskaya Pushcha. It was there that they managed to look at the latest achievements in the field of designing automobile engines according to the opposite scheme. Th

How to make a simple electromagnet with your own hands

All that is needed is a regular “finger-type” battery, a piece of copper wire, a nail, an insulating tape and a simple tool like wire cutters.

How to apply wax to a car body

Before proceeding with the coating of the body with wax, you must thoroughly wash the car and make sure that the paint is free from any contamination. Dust and dirt on the surface can cause scratches. Use car shampoo and, if necessary, clay to clean the body. The surface should be cool to the touch and be out of direct sunlight

The best series of "The Big Bang Theories" - summarize

In the evening of March 1, “TBV” will be shown in Moscow at the Luxor Center cinemas in the Golden Babylon and Hudson shopping centers on Kashirskoye Shosse, in St. Petersburg in the cinema complex of the network in the Continent shopping center, and in Novosibirsk in the multiplex in SEC "Gallery Novosibirsk". Th

March 8, or the day the maker of the dishwasher was born

By the way, last year we talked about Raymond de Laroche, who on March 8, 1910 became the first woman aviator in history. Josephine Garis was born March 8, 1839 in Ohio. She was the daughter of John Garis, an engineer and inventor - in particular, John was the holder of a patent for one of the varieties of a steam boat

Job Simulator: Secret Desires of an Office Employee

To play Job Simulator, in addition to the PS itself, you will need two more gadgets - a PlayStation Move controller and a PlayStation VR headset. In the gameplay teaser presented on the PlayStation Experience, you can see the entire gameplay on the example of an office employee. For example, a simulator allows you to throw donuts and mugs with absolute impunity in the office, launch paper planes and shoot from a stapler - that is, everything that could entertain you in the workplace, but that you do not allow yourself to do for ethical reasons

Why are iPhone images always 9:42 or 9:41?

What do these numbers mean? Do they make any sense or is this a random choice of Apple designers? Popular blogger Valery Petrov suggests sorting out this issue. This question was asked by the chief developer of Secret Lab, John Manning. John tried to solve this riddle by calculating mathematical formulas and comparing dates, but without success

31 weird life hack that actually works

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Large meteorite crater discovered in Greenland

This was reported by an article by an international team of scientists published in Science Advanced. The discovery of the crater was the result of an analysis of the data obtained during a series of radar aerial surveys of the area from 1997 to 2016. An almost round crater has a diameter of 31 km and a depth of about 320 meters