nanoFlowcell: a car that will “kill” oil

Nuncio la Vecchia, technical director and visionary of the Liechtenstein company nanoFlowcell, is a master at making such loud statements that the hairs on his head stand on end. Evaluate the power of the message: "Our methodology of focused research has allowed us to break through the barriers established by quantum chemistry

Belkommunmash: what do you know about Belarusian trolley buses?

Like the lion's share of plants in the territory of the former USSR, Belkommunmash was formed not for production, but for repair of equipment. It was founded in 1973, and it was then called the Minsk Repair Tram and Trolleybus Plant. Later it was renamed the Mechanical Repair Plant (RMZ). The plant served all the electrical equipment not only in Minsk, but also in the BSSR as a whole

Sky Jumping: Parachute - Theory

Parachute - one of the most exciting inventions of mankind Arming control lines. Special curved studs do not allow the control lines to fully open, so when opening the dome has a horizontal speed of zero - “worth”. After pulling the checks, the dome begins to fly forward. The first phase of laying - all sections of the dome, called nozzles, are neatly disassembled The second phase is the laying of the dome. Fo

How to make an electronic toy helicopter with your own hands

To assemble a cute helicopter layout, you will need a plastic bottle, a few sticks of ice cream or plywood boards, some glue and a couple of electric motors powered by a regular battery. The design is simple and does not take much time even from a person unusual for manual work. Of course, if you want to make the helicopter fly, you will have to equip it with a more powerful motor

Can I go in flight from the passenger compartment to the luggage compartment?

For example, on the Airbus A330 in the cockpit there is a hatch, which you can open to go down the ramp to the bottom of the fuselage, where, among other things, there is a server room - the brain of the aircraft, which controls all avionics. At the far end of the server room there is a door that leads to the front of the luggage compartment

Hamilton and Interstellar: creating a legend

“Murph Clock” is a moving name the fans of the film gave the Hamilton watches used to create the picture, which became an integral part of the plot. In no other film, Hamilton's special connection with Hollywood was not so pronounced as in the film "Interstellar". According to the script of the film, danger loomed over humanity, and NASA experts are trying to find a way to relocate to another planet. A

10 Russian smartphones: we can too

YotaPhone (Moscow). The most famous smartphone manufacturer in Russia, also makes modems and routers. The company was founded in 2007 as a wireless operator; since 2011, its Yota Devices division has been manufacturing various gadgets. Smartphones are distinguished by unusual technological solutions - for example, a second screen based on electronic ink

Tremor Wireless Speaker: Harsh Audio

DreamWave Tremor is a portable wireless speaker. In addition to playing music from a device connected to it via Bluetooth, she doesn’t know anything: she doesn’t fry eggs, doesn’t google for you, and she doesn’t guard the house. Nothing more: playback devices and four buttons. But she knows her job perfectly. Design

Broken absolute speed record for a production car

Bugatti At the Era-Lessin test site in Germany, Bugatti test pilot Andy Wallace was able to reach a speed of 304.773 mph (490.484 km / h). Prior to this result, Chiron, no serial car in the world did not overcome the mark of 300 miles per hour. At the same time, Bugatti emphasized that the record coupe was not completely serial

The star closest to the solar system may be ... stolen

Less than five light years from the solar system, there are three stars rotating next to each other. You probably remember that in the orbit of one of them, Proxima Centauri, scientists discovered a planet that is located in the habitable zone (the so-called “Goldilocks hone”) and may be an excellent candidate for colonization in the future. Be