KrAZ: unusual cars of the Kremenchug plant

The plant in Kremenchug was founded in 1945, but until the end of the 50s specialized in agricultural machinery. Only in 1959 did the first two KrAZ-222 trucks leave the factory gate. Surprisingly, KrAZ is one of the few Soviet factories that not only survived all the turmoil of the 90s and 2000s, but also successfully produced a huge one - more than a hundred models

Arctic barge hauler: Russian all-terrain vehicle for the north

Lake Shuvakish on the outskirts of Yekaterinburg once had an almost round shape, but nowadays, about half of it remains - everything else has turned into a swamp, covered with reeds where and with stunted birches and bushes. “Well, with God!” Says auto designer Aleksey Makarov, who is driving, and a huge car with almost flat wheels rolls out from the flat coast into the coastal reeds. A

How to melt copper in the microwave

Here Sergey demonstrates how copper can be melted using a conventional microwave oven without any modification: The process takes place in a special home-made crucible made of graphite and silicon carbide. Closed by thermal insulation, it protects the microwave from breakage and perfectly withstands the melting point of copper, which is 1083

How to clean white sneakers: a simple and effective life hack

Youtube channel Highsnobiety has released a detailed video tutorial on cleaning sneakers at home. It remains only to stock up on the necessary tools (or at least part of them) and patience. The material was first published on the website.

LEGO Group presents 5 new sets designed for the LEGO Star Wars anniversary

Star Wars was the first franchise to use which the LEGO Group acquired, and since then LEGO Star Wars has not left the rating of the most popular LEGO sets. They allow fans, regardless of age and place of residence, together to enjoy an exciting design experience. Since the launch of the line, 700 different sets have been presented (including 1, 000 LEGO Star Wars minifigures), five video games, several television and online shows, and many other thematic products

March 8, or the day the maker of the dishwasher was born

By the way, last year we talked about Raymond de Laroche, who on March 8, 1910 became the first woman aviator in history. Josephine Garis was born March 8, 1839 in Ohio. She was the daughter of John Garis, an engineer and inventor - in particular, John was the holder of a patent for one of the varieties of a steam boat

Noise Killers: Headsets

We talk on cell phones everywhere - in the car, in the store, in the restaurant or on the street where there is enough noise. Therefore, headset developers are making serious efforts to solve two conflicting tasks. The sensitivity of the headsets to a useful signal (voice) must be increased, and harmful (noise) - to reduce

10 best-selling phones ever

But there are other champions - both among ordinary push-button gadgets, and among modern smartphones. Although a little. Let's see which mobile phones were sold for their short, in general, history. Nokia 1100 is not so known as 3100, but it is she - the best-selling phone of all time, more than 250 million copies

10 cars from the Baltic

Baltic cars can be divided into four groups. These are stamps that appeared when the Baltic states were part of the Russian Empire (for example, Russo-Balt or Leitner), and secondly, stamps that arose during the independence period (Ford-Vairogs), in the Soviet period (RAF, KAG) and in the post-Soviet period (Dartz)

New photos of the Earth and the Moon taken from the surface of Mars

To calibrate the HiRISE camera aboard the Mars Orbiter, NASA scientists needed to photograph an object other than the surface of the Red Planet. Of course, the Earth, flickering nearby, became the first candidate for a photo shoot. The image is a combination of two separate images taken on November 20, 2016