10 French cars you didn't know anything about

At different times in France, there were about 1000 automobile companies - both their own and licensed industries or branches. Of course, this amount cannot be compared with the American expanse, but, nevertheless, France has also always been a major automotive power and, most importantly, the trendsetter of automobile fashions, rules and laws

10 Indian cars: no worse than Chinese!

There are more than 40 automobile manufacturing or assembly plants in India, so this review will probably not be the only one. One way or another, you have a serious “dozen”: the largest and most famous car factories, plus a bonus to several little-known companies as a seasoning. Mahindra Group is a giant conglomerate with more than 200, 000 employees and producing absolutely everything - automobiles, motorcycles, spaceships, ships, and agricultural equipment. Fo

Do it yourself: how to make the world's fastest paper airplane

John Collins approaches the creation of his paper planes with the scrupulousness of a true engineer. “Every paper airplane is a little scientific experiment, ” he says. “You make an assumption about which design and which“ settings ”will be better, conduct an experiment - throw - and then you get the results and analyze them.” Among C

DIY camouflage weapons

To do this, you need three spray cans of paint for weapons - beige, brown and dark green (or olive) color, and duct tape. Before starting the painting, be sure to clean the weapon: due to dirt and dust, the paint will lie unevenly. Remember that you need to work with aerosol cans outdoors or in a well-ventilated area

Questions and answers: is there liquid carbon? Is there gold on the moon?

Does DNA break down in plant or animal foods that we digest? DNA is a complex and not very strong molecule, so it would be natural to assume that when acid is processed in the stomach, the gene information contained in the cells is destroyed. Nevertheless, one relatively recent discovery refutes this assumption

Alexander Grek about professions: a car or a man?

In my lifetime, people flew into space, jet transcontinental liners were created, televisions and thousands of other technical innovations appeared that made our life more comfortable and better. Before my eyes, a new technique began to destroy old professions: washing machines killed the profession of laundries, and dishwashers killed dishwashers

6 amazing gadget facts

Theory of Relativity and GPS One of the consequences of the theory of relativity is the slowing down of time for moving objects. In everyday life, we cannot notice this, because the speeds of all the bodies we meet are comparable and this effect does not affect our life activity. Everything changes when you are in an orbit of 20 thousand kilometers above sea level and fly through space at a speed of 14 thousand kilometers per hour - these are the parameters of the orbit of GPS satellites

Honor 20 Pro vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro: camera comparison

The Honor 20 Pro is equipped with a rear camera with four modules - 48, 8, 16 and 2 megapixels - and a 32-megapixel selfie camera, while the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is equipped with a triple rear camera with modules of 40, 8 and 20 megapixels and 24 megapixel front camera. The comparison video was published on the FoneTech YouTube channel

How the orbital station Mir is arranged: a space masterpiece

Forerunner: Salyut-7 long-term orbital station with Soyuz T-14 docked (below) The Proton-K rocket is the main carrier that delivered all station modules, except the docking module, into orbit 1993: The Progress M truck approaches the station. Shooting from the neighboring Soyuz TM manned spacecraft "World" on top of its development: a basic module and 6 additional Visitors: American shuttle docked to Mir station Bright finale: the wreckage of the station falls into the Pacific Ocean In general, “Mir” is a civil name. Th

Crown of a Mechanical Empire: Theme: Limited Friction Differential

The Torsen differential provides separate but interconnected helical gear sets for sun gears that drive the front and rear axles. The drive shaft from the gearbox passes inside the hollow shaft leading to the front center differential. The geometry of the car chassis is a very interesting thing. In a turn, all four wheels of a car move along different paths