BelAZ-452D: the smallest BelAZ

The "trick" was that the manufacturers of mining trucks in the world - once, twice and miscalculated, everything counts. When the BelAZ-540 first factory model of its own career appeared in 1961, it aroused serious interest, and soon Soviet-made mining trucks began to actively export. But interest in other Soviet cars was more than modest

New Toyota Supra vs BMW M2 Competition: drag race

In a drag race, they decided to compare Toyota Supra and BMW M2 Competition cars in a straight line. Both cars use BMW engines, but they are different. So, the three-liter twin-turbo “Supra”, which is also used, in particular, the BMW Z4, is capable of delivering (in stock version) 335 horsepower and 560 Nm of torque. Th

Who invented the pencil when?

Over the past centuries, several generations of writing tools have changed. Goose feathers were replaced by fountain pens, then ballpoint pens. However, the design of another tool - a pencil - turned out to be so brilliantly simple that it almost without changes came from the Middle Ages to the present day and, possibly, will stretch for more than one century

How to make a wooden folding knife

A wooden knife is a wonderful example of carpentry. But from what other unexpected things do knives make: Video: how to make a knife from a crutch Video: how to make a knife from a steel cable How to make a knife from scissors?

If you really want to, you can fly into space

How to become an astronaut? After school, it definitely won’t work out: that you need to have a specialist or master’s diploma and at least three years of work experience in a specialty. But in many ways, the requirements for modern candidates for the space squad have softened, compared with those put forward in Soviet times. In

The best series of "The Big Bang Theories" - summarize

In the evening of March 1, “TBV” will be shown in Moscow at the Luxor Center cinemas in the Golden Babylon and Hudson shopping centers on Kashirskoye Shosse, in St. Petersburg in the cinema complex of the network in the Continent shopping center, and in Novosibirsk in the multiplex in SEC "Gallery Novosibirsk". Th

IPhone 6s disassembly: what's inside

The new phone itself is slightly thinner and at the same time slightly heavier than the iPhone 6, but the differences do not end there. From the detailed step-by-step analysis of the new phone, one can make a few of its distinguishing features: the battery of the new iPhone is really smaller than its predecessor, its capacity is 1715 mAh, then the iPhone 6 had 1810 mAh

Top 10 smartphones cheaper than 15 thousand rubles

For many, fifteen thousand rubles is a serious psychological barrier when buying a smartphone. Everything that is cheaper seems to be a very compromise option, and if you take it more expensive, then just a little remains to the younger flagships. We studied the market situation and selected the ten best smartphones worth less than 15 thousand rubles

Is there life on Io ?: Cave level

Among the more than 60 moons of Jupiter, four stand out for their size, bringing them closer to full-fledged planets - these are Io, Europe, Ganymede and Callisto (shown in order of distance from the planet) Io - the most volcanic active body in the solar system In the upper layers of a rarefied atmosphere, even auroras are observed - which means that the satellite also has its own magnetosphere

Aircraft carrier Queen Elisabeth: Queen of Global Politics

In December 2013, the naval publication Navy News wrote about an aircraft carrier still under construction: “In the same way, on the eve of the Olympics (2012 Summer Games in London), when fans of gloomy forecasts ruled the ball, the attention of the press was focused on problems, missed deadlines, huge costs .