Motorcycle ... with a gas turbine engine from a helicopter

For almost a century and a half, engineers have repeatedly tried to replace the internal combustion engines in motorcycles with something. For many years, they tried to implant any power plants, starting from a steam engine and ending with a rotary engine or even an electric motor. But Marine Turbine Technologies resolved this issue radically: it put a turbine from a helicopter in the frame of a motorcycle

Acceleration of the 5,000-strong hypercar Devel Sixteen: video

Last fall, the Arab company Devel Motors presented the Sixteen hypercar, equipped with a 12.3-liter V16 engine with four 81-mm turbines, which, according to the developers, will be able to produce 5, 000 horsepower. It was claimed that to the first “hundred” the car will be able to accelerate in 1.8 s

The invention of the century: who invented "Doshirak"

In 1934, he successfully graduated from the Ritsumeikan University School of Economics in Kyoto and received Japanese citizenship. Things were going well, but after the end of World War II, there was a decline. Ando in 1948 was sentenced to prison for tax evasion, and his company went bankrupt. However, Ando did not despair and soon began again from scratch, having founded a company for the production of edible salt

Magneto: what is it and who invented it

After graduating from a technical school in Ulm in 1879, Robert worked as a brazier for several months in the company of his older brother in Cologne, then gained experience in electrical engineering at the workshop of Wilhelm Fain (inventor of the electric drill) in Stuttgart and studied the design of the first chain knitting machine at the jewelry company Friedrich Rödiger.

What is the resolution of the human eye? Answers to amazing questions!

What is the resolution of the human eye in megapixels? Reliable and accurate estimates cannot be given because of the fundamentally different device structure of our vision apparatus and digital cameras. However, Roger Clark, an expert in photography, a researcher at the American Planetological Institute, carried out rough estimates of the resolution of the eye, receiving an impressive figure of 576 megapixels

Where to read Popular Mechanics

1. You can subscribe to a classic paper magazine, it can be freely purchased at kiosks and shops throughout Russia and in most countries of the near abroad. This is ideal for lovers of warm tube Popular Mechanics and those who want to collect a collection. In the magazine you will find interesting articles on various topics, master classes and scientific and technical news

Why are iPhone images always 9:42 or 9:41?

What do these numbers mean? Do they make any sense or is this a random choice of Apple designers? Popular blogger Valery Petrov suggests sorting out this issue. This question was asked by the chief developer of Secret Lab, John Manning. John tried to solve this riddle by calculating mathematical formulas and comparing dates, but without success

Virtual bespectacles: Test drive video points

Myvu shades 301 Price 0. Maximum resolution 320x240 for each screen. Weight 75 g. Battery life up to 8 hours. We liked it. - Light and pretty model. The design of the optics allows you to observe what is happening outside without removing your glasses. We did not like it - Low resolution, no adjustments, the diagonal of the virtual screen is less than that of competitors

How to make a LEGO spaceship

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What color is the sun?

We all know that the sun is yellow. Of course, you should not look at the Sun now and check, it can be dangerous for sight. But in fact, the sun is white like a star. Why do we see it differently? Frazer Kane, a popularizer of astronomy and the owner of Universe Today, will explain this to you. The video is voiced and translated by Vert Dider