Ford Bronco Stroppe Baja Edition: Bronco for rally raids

In 1947, the great Henry Ford passed away, and a memorial regatta was held in his memory, but not sailing, but motor. Everyone could participate in the regatta, while Ford itself put up a powerful team with boats equipped with engines of the latest modification. What was the general surprise when the regatta was won by an unknown mechanical engineer Bill Stropp on a boat with a modified Ford engine

The Origin of the Legend: The History of Pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero III 1917 Mitsubishi Model A 1934 Mitsubishi PX-33 1954 Mitsubishi Jeep 1982 Mitsubishi Pajero I 1991 Mitsubishi Pajero II The historical roots of Mitsubishi SUVs go back to the 30s of the last century. In 1933, the company received a special order from the military department for a staff car for high ranks of the army

9 Useful Clothespin Clothes You Did Not Know About

Did you know that using a clothespin, you can simply and very quickly strip a twisted pair? And what of such a clothespin can make a compact headphone holder? Popular Mechanics along with the Just5mins channel will teach you how to use glue and perseverance to make a lot of interesting things out of a simple tool at hand

How to open a lock with a pair of paper clips

For this trick, you will need only two paper clips, which you need to cleverly bend with the help of pliers. If the lock did not work, two more ways are shown as a bonus, one of which, alas, will destroy the castle, and the second requires preventive preparation.

Where to read Popular Mechanics

1. You can subscribe to a classic paper magazine, it can be freely purchased at kiosks and shops throughout Russia and in most countries of the near abroad. This is ideal for lovers of warm tube Popular Mechanics and those who want to collect a collection. In the magazine you will find interesting articles on various topics, master classes and scientific and technical news

Why do people hiccup? What cells of the body do not have DNA? Answers to amazing questions!

What is better for nature: to buy a living Christmas tree or artificial? This is a very complex question, which we will try to answer as simply as possible, based on the “carbon footprint” that a living and artificial tree leaves, that is, the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during the product’s life cycle. Acco

How Apple's presentation ended: an iPhone with four cameras and a lot of jokes

There are several interesting innovations, and not all of them are associated with new product features. Apple is gradually changing the focus of attention in the model line of its smartphones. If before there was a “base” numbering model (iPhone 8, for example), and already around it improved and cheaper versions appeared, now everything is a little different. Si

Furiously overclocking Fury: HyperX Fury DDR4 RAM test

“Predator”, “Impact”, “Rage”: Kingston is not shy in the names of its RAM modules, hinting at their high performance and overclocking potential. The editors of Popular Mechanics received two 16 GB HyperX Fury Black DDR4 modules, which we installed on an AMD processor-based desktop computer. Memory and

How to turn a rusty nail into a stylish kerambit knife

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Could megalodon bite a ship in two? Responsible paleontologist

The editors of Science magazine watched Meg together with paleontologist Hans Sues, curator of the vertebrate paleobiology of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (and a big fan of Jason Statham). We are publishing an abridged version of Sewes' interview with answers to questions about what the film complies with scientific data on megalodons and what does not