Saab 906 Turbo: six-wheeled giant

We already wrote material about amazing six-wheeled cars (don’t be too lazy to read) and remembered models Land Rover, Williams, Sbarro Panther, but somehow we missed the Saab 906 Turbo. Well, we are correcting, especially since his story does not deserve oblivion. In 1981, designer Leif Melberg, without a job from the management, designed this strange six-wheeled car.

What acceleration to 100 km / h can a person withstand?

As you know, acceleration is a physical quantity that determines the change in speed over time. Usually we measure it in terms of the acceleration of gravity, which is numerically equal to the force of gravity on the surface of the Earth. The acceleration of gravity is denoted by the letter g and varies from 9

How to make a wood burner do it yourself

To make a burner, you will need a pair of syringe needles, a wooden stick, thread, glue, a battery, a heat shrink tube, electrical tape and simple tools like a soldering iron and pliers.

How to open a tin can without a knife?

All you need is a metal spoon and a little patience. Place the jar on a stable surface and hold it firmly with one hand, and take a tablespoon in the other hand. Place the tip of the spoon over the inner edge of the lid, where there is a low rim that provides a tight can closure. Position the spoon on the inside of this rim and hold it so that the outside of the recess is directed toward the lid

Alexander Grek about Cyberpunks and people's unwillingness to live in a technological future

Indeed, for all these, it seemed to me, amazing fruits of progress, we are forced to pay by the rapid acceleration of our lives. In my childhood, despite the fact that we also participated in school competitions and went to sports sections, we had a lot of time for backyard adventures, about which modern children can only read in the books of Gaidar or Dragunsky

Alexander Grek about professions: a car or a man?

In my lifetime, people flew into space, jet transcontinental liners were created, televisions and thousands of other technical innovations appeared that made our life more comfortable and better. Before my eyes, a new technique began to destroy old professions: washing machines killed the profession of laundries, and dishwashers killed dishwashers

“Face on Mars”: 40 years of great mystification

Of course, we are talking about the famous "Face on Mars", a photograph taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft at the time when it flew past the Red Planet. On them in the region of the region of Kydonia (Latin Cydonia), something was noticeable that resembled a huge human face, carved in rock or built by hand

Radio-controlled trucks that cannot be distinguished from real ones

It is easier to believe in abnormal grass growth due to a suddenly increased background radiation than to assume that the truck in the photo is not real. Watching the video only aggravated the situation: the starter roared, and the footsteps vibrated from the mighty breathing of the giant Peterbilt Knight Hauler

Sony and Nike create PlayStation-style sneakers

Nike introduced PG-2 sneakers, created in collaboration with the PlayStation and NBA basketball player Paul George. On the outside of the reeds of the sneakers are logos equipped with LEDs, and on the inside there are power buttons. As you can see from the video, there are several modes of operation: LEDs can be turned off, on, and also can blink

Snooker: the most English billiards

The main task of a player in Russian billiards (more precisely, in such a variation as "American") is to put more balls in the pockets than the opponent, and you can play with any ball. In snooker, the number of balls is the second thing. Of course, the player seeks to clear the table, but since the game is being counted, first of all, you need to win the game by points