How are the headlights arranged?

The first cars used the most primitive lights - kerosene or acetylene. About a hundred years ago, a light bulb was inserted into the place of an open flame. There was a polished reflector on one side and a lens on the other. There was no sealing of the headlights at that time, so the reflector rusted very quickly

Hongqi CA72: the first Chinese "member"

The name Hongqi translates as "red flag." And, of course, at that time no one wrote it in Latin letters - export of this model was not supposed. The FAW plant itself was founded in 1953, two years before that, with the support of the USSR and at first it was producing only trucks for the needs of a growing socialist power

8 things that should never be washed in the sink

Mask for the face In no case do not wash clay-based cosmetics into the sink. Its particles settle on the pipes, forming hard and hard to clean deposits. Over time, clumps of clay clog up the drain so much that only a complete replacement of the siphon and pipes can save your sink. Before starting to wash off your face mask with water, remove the main part of the product with a clean cloth

Mobile microscope

Microphotography has always been an expensive pleasure, especially when it comes to really large magnifications. But having a tablet or smartphone in your arsenal, it’s not difficult to make a microphoto camera with a 45x or 60x magnification. With the help of the obtained device, it is possible to examine in detail a computer microchip, plant cells or ant antennae - anything.

Why do people hiccup? What cells of the body do not have DNA? Answers to amazing questions!

What is better for nature: to buy a living Christmas tree or artificial? This is a very complex question, which we will try to answer as simply as possible, based on the “carbon footprint” that a living and artificial tree leaves, that is, the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during the product’s life cycle. Acco

Can I go in flight from the passenger compartment to the luggage compartment?

For example, on the Airbus A330 in the cockpit there is a hatch, which you can open to go down the ramp to the bottom of the fuselage, where, among other things, there is a server room - the brain of the aircraft, which controls all avionics. At the far end of the server room there is a door that leads to the front of the luggage compartment

We play William Tell: how to choose a target for darts?

“Sweep the boar?” The editor asked the designer, but he suddenly refused. This designer knew something. It was at these moments that the editorial door opened and the courier materialized in them. The guys from sent new targets for testing from one of the recognized leaders in this field, the British company Winmau. Th

New type of color electronic paper: 32,000 colors!

The technology of "electronic paper" was developed back in the 70s of the last century in the laboratories of Xerox Corporation, and professor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joseph Jacobson, founder of E Ink, made it commercial. Recall that the principle of "electronic ink" is based on the principle of electrophoresis, that is, the phenomenon of the movement of particles in a liquid or gaseous medium under the influence of an electric field

Why does a man need a tail: atavisms and rudiments

We are talking about atavisms and rudiments - these concepts often coexist with each other, sometimes cause confusion and have a different nature. The simplest and probably the most famous example, in which both concepts are adjacent, refers to, so to speak, the lower part of the human body. The tailbone, the end of the spine, in which several vertebrae fused, is recognized as rudimentary

50 new types of weapons will be created for the aerospace forces of Russia

Russian Ministry of Defense “In general, about 50 experimental design and research work is underway to re-equip the formations and military units of the Space Forces with promising weapons, in order to create new generation systems and complexes in the coming years, ” the Russian Defense Ministry told RIA Novosti. VK